Sensors and software for electromagnetic simulation

From design tools to predictive maintenance of electromagnetic and electromechanical devices

Where EMC Gems products can be applied


Turn sensor data into value

OEM sensors

Measure easily position, proximity, liquid level, torque, force, vibrations, etc.

  • We make sensors with a personalized shape to fit your design
  • Cheaper than resolvers, optical encoders and magnetic sensors
  • Suitable for harsh environments (dust, liquids, EM fields, temperature)

Monitoring applications

Real-time monitoring with tailor-made short-range or long-range communication.

  • Condition monitoring of industrial machinery (industry 4.0)
  • Predictive maintenance of electromechanical components
  • Structural health and environmental monitoring

Why monitoring

Our patented sensors bring digital twins to life.

  • Reduce of unscheduled downtime caused by failures
  • Early fault detection of electromechanical components
  • Predictive maintenance by using on-chip neural networks with embedded IoT

Turn simulation tools into business opportunities

To be more competitive

Design better products faster.

  • Reduce design cost with zero (physical) prototypes
  • Reduce time to market, no more trial and error
  • Beat the competitors by improving the performance of your product

To be more reliable

Improve the knowledge of your product for better supporting your customers.

  • Test your products with any what-if scenarios
  • Gain new insights about your product
  • Training AI-based predictive models with artificial data

To make your product shine

The automatic design optimization makes your product better. For example:

  • Improve the energy efficiency
  • Reduce the measurement error of a sensor
  • Improve electromagnetic compatibility performances

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