Electromagnetic simulation

Virtual prototyping tools for product design and optimization of electrical and magnetic devices

The future of electromagnetic simulation

Why our products are unique?

Faster simulation

We craft virtual prototyping software tools that incorporate the latest breakthroughs in electromagnetic modeling.

Vertical tools

Our vertical and tailor-made tools have a quick learning curve and ROI.

Innovation partners

We become your innovataion partners to create a strategy that improves your products.

About us

Easy and efficient simulation of PCBs

Digital twins for printed circuit boards

We develop unique Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools to convert Gerber files representing a PCBs in CAD, mesh or wire models suitable for a simulation tool.

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Turn virtual prototyping tools into business opportunities

To be more competitive

Test your products before building them.

  • Beat the competitors by improving the performance of your product
  • Reduce the development cost compared to a physical prototype
  • Forget about trial and error and reduce time to market

To be more reliable

Improve the knowledge of your product for beer supporting your customers.

  • Gain new insights about your product and test what-if scenarios
  • Build digital twins for failure prediction
  • Training AI with artificial data

To make your product shine

The automatic design optimization makes your product better. For example:

  • Improve the energy efficiency
  • Reduce the measurement error of a sensor
  • Improve electromagnetic compatibility performances

Where our products are used


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What can we do for you?

Let us know what are your open problems related to simulation and optimization of electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic devices and components.

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