Innovative software for electromagnetic simulation

Testing new products or new technologies requires effort. Many physical prototypes made from different solutions are often required before a satisfactory design is reached. This trial-and-error design technique costs a lot in both economic and environmental terms (the many intermediate prototypes must be made and then immediately disposed of) and lengthens the time-to-market.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to simulate the behavior of a product with a computer? This would save both time and the cost of making so many physical prototypes. This virtual prototyping can be accomplished through so-called electromagnetic simulation.

Despite the enormous advances in computational power available with today's computers, computer simulation is slow for many industrial applications. It takes as long as 24 hours to simulate a single device. These simulation times greatly limit the effectiveness of simulation tools. Also by using a lot of computing power, the power consumption of the servers where the processing is done is also considerable.

We have invested more than two decades in basic mathematical study in numerical analysis and scientific computing to revolutionize the world of simulation. Cutting-edge numerical methods are an enabling technology for effective exploration of the design space (i.e., to extract interesting information regarding all possible designs) and automatic device optimization.

  • Fast

    Our software is up to 3000 times faster than the leading simulation software on the market. We have not simply optimized the code, but reinvented the way simulation is performed. 

    Our solvers are fast because they incorporate the latest discoveries in the field of electromagnetic simulation and are equipped with unique features, such as the ability to handle polyhedral meshes, a linear complexity algorithm for finding so-called "global loops" in integral formulations, and, most importantly, a completely new family of compression techniques that can compress the inductance matrix much more efficiently than more advanced alternatives. All these discoveries and developments are our "gems." 

    We invest heavily in basic research and have constantly updated the solvers with respect to the state of the art through our close relationship with academia and science.

  • Vertical

    Our business model involves developing, together with partner companies, "vertical" simulation software, that is, extremely specialized for each application or product family. This ensures the selection of the best resolution method for the application. In addition, the simulator is coupled with a pre-processing phase in which the product is automatically parametrically designed. 

    This ensures a rapid learning curve in the use of the tool by users, because the graphical interface is simplified being possible to modify only the parameters useful for the application under consideration. Using automatic generation of various product configurations, it is natively possible to apply automatic optimization techniques.

  • Personalized

    Having developed all the software in-house, including the calculation code, we can modify the tool to meet all our customers' needs. In particular, every vertical tool can be customized, so all user interfaces, pre-processing or post-processing, parametric product models, etc., can be modified in every aspect.

Innovation and optization

Our solvers are used for the innovation and optimization of electromagnetic devices. The vertical tools are able to perform all sorts of automation for automatic product design or be used in an automatic optimization cycle. We can couple the solvers with techniques developed in machine learning literature to explore the design space of a product. In this way, one can gain new insight into the product and offer better customer support. The product can involve printed circuit boards (PCB) since we developed an ecosystem of tools for converting Gerber files to and from the simulation software.   

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