19 May 2022

New contract for EMC Gems

contract for 100,000 euro

EMC Gems has recently signed a contract worth more than 100,000 euros with Renesas Electronics, a leading manufacturer of electronic components for the automotive industry, based in Silicon Valley and represented on this occasion by Eng. Gentjan Qama, a former student of Electronic Engineering at the University of Udine.

In recent years, with the boom in electric cars, inductive position sensors have been gradually replacing the sensors hitherto used. Suffice it to say that inside a car alone there are about thirty inductive position sensors that detect, for example, the position of the pedals, windshield wipers, and to manage the electric motor (powertrain) itself, ....

The main advantages of inductive sensors the ability to withstand "hostile" environments such as any dust or electromagnetic fields that would normally disrupt the function of traditional optical and magnetic position sensors.

EMC Gems through its software is increasingly proving to be a leader in this area. It has developed software for the automatic design of these sensors that dramatically reduces linearity error through automatic computer optimization.

The accuracy and reliability are, thus, optimal and suited to meet the needs of every industry in which position sensors are applied. Inductive position sensors, in addition to cars, find application in robotics, trains, household appliances, etc.

We would like to thank the entire Renesas Electronics team, especially in the person of Gentjan Qama, for their trust in us.

A sensor made by Renesas Electronics

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