5 March 2024

3 years of activity: simulation software and sensors

March 2024: 3 years since the birth of EMC Gems

Three years ago EMC Gems was born. 

Three years in which, bit by bit, making mistakes, starting over, studying we are building our company history. 

We started with two, now there are 7 of us, we have a new office and new sensors to go along with the simulation software. We thank our team, young guys but passionate in their work, ready to get involved, improve and learn. Professionalism, high specialization and continuous search for innovation is what sets us apart.

Best wishes to us!!EMC Gems S.r.l., Ruben Specogna, Giulia Ferrario, Silvano Pitassi, Enrico Tilati, Diego Masotti, Francesco Campagna, Jacopo Foltran

Team EMC GEMS: Enrico Tilati, Jacopo Foltran, Giulia Ferrario, Ruben Specogna, Francesco Campagna, Diego Masotti

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