SUPERO SUface sPeedy Eddy cuRrent sOlver

SUPERO is a software to simulate an electromagnetic device made by thin conductors in the magneto-quasistatic regime. It is therefore usable from low frequencies up to a few megahertz. It is typically used for the study of thin electormagnetic shields or in printed circuit board (PCB) modeling. It is our most mature product and is already used by many multinational microelectronics companies.

  • Fast

    SUPERO is fast because it is based on the surface integral method suitable for triangular meshes. It is fast mainly because we have found very efficient methods for compressing the matrix of the linear system to be solved. The result is a dramatic reduction in the time required for simulation.

  • Vertical tools

    SUPERO is rarely used alone but is usually embedded in vertical software that combines simulation with the need to parametrically generate the geometries of the product to be simulated.

Imagine what you could do with a faster simulation?

We are available for you to see and experience for yourself the speed of SUPERO. Most of our customers were already using the best commercial simulation software. SUPERO can reduce simulation time by up to 3000 times compared to a Finite Element-based solution.

Fast simulation is an enabling technology for the implementation of many methodologies, such as effective exploration of the design space (i.e., to extract interesting information regarding all possible designs) and automatic device optimization.

Write to us and find out how we can help your design process.

Do you want to simulate faster?

Contact us to put our SUPERO electromagnetic simulator to the test.

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