Electromagnetic simulation software

EMC Gems develops innovative software for electromagnetic simulation. 

The range of applications of electromagnetic solvers is frequently bounded by the high computational cost needed to obtain the solution, hence state-of-the-art numerical methods are an enabling technology for effective design space exploration and automatic optimization. Our products are different with respect to general-purpose simulation software.

Faster simulation

Our solvers are fast because they integrate the latest breakthrough in electromagnetic simulation and they are gifted by unique features like the ability to deal with polyhedral meshes, a linear complexity algorithm to find the so-called “global loops” in integral formulations, and especially a completely novel family of compression techniques able to compress the inductance matrix much more efficiently than state-of-the-art alternatives. All these discoveries and developments are our "gems". We invest a lot in basic research and we have constantly updated the solvers with respect to the state of the art thanks to the tight relationship with the academic and scientific worlds.   

Vertical software

Our solvers are vertical, so they are very specialized for each application or product family. This guarantees that we select for you the best solver method for the application. It also provides a quick learning curve, because also the graphical user interface is simplified and contains only the parameters useful for the considered application. In addition, each vertical tool can be tailor-made, so all the user interfaces, pre-processing, or post-processing can be modified in every aspect.   

Innovation and optization

Our solvers are used for the innovation and optimization of electromagnetic devices. The vertical tools are able to perform all sorts of automation for automatic product design or be used in an automatic optimization cycle. We can couple the solvers with techniques developed in machine learning literature to explore the design space of a product. In this way, one can gain new insight into the product and offer better customer support. The product can involve printed circuit boards (PCB) since we developed an ecosystem of tools for converting Gerber files to and from the simulation software.   

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Our magnetic software

Our magnetic software

Eddy current solvers

Up to now, most of the development is focalized to solve low-frequency electromagnetic problems, the so-called eddy current problems. Electromagnetic phenomena are governed by Maxwell’s laws and constitutive relations of materials. The eddy-current approximation neglects the displacement current in Ampére-Maxwell's law, which provides the fastest solution with respect to full-wave solvers. This approximation usually can be used for magnetic fields that vary in time up to a few megahertz. This well-studied class of problems has quite a big number of industrial applications such as eddy current non-destructive testing, electromagnetic braking, metal separation in waste, inductive proximity and position sensors, induction heating, metal detectors, electromagnetic levitation, medical imaging, and hyperthermia cancer treatment.

Our solvers are based on surface integral methods (SUPERO) and volume integral methods (VINCO). We invested a lot of effort to invent novel and more effective techniques to outperform solvers based on the Finite Element Method (FEM). A technical explanation of why our solvers are unique can be found in the scientific paper in one of the best international journals devoted to simulation (impact factor 2020: 6.8).

Finite elements method solvers

Other solvers

We have a lot of experience also in the solution of magnetostatic problems, electrostatic problems, stationary conduction problems. For these applications, depending on the application, we can use integral or FEM solvers. All of them, like the eddy current solvers, are developed in-house. Recently, we are investing a lot of effort in the solution of full-wave Maxwell's problems. Also in this context we are producing novel techniques able to speed up sensibly the simulation.

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Fast software for electromagnetic simulation

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We are experts in virtual prototyping of electromagnetic devices and in general modeling and optimization of electromagnetic configurations. We are in particular experts on eddy currents and static electromagnetic problems (i.e. electrostatics, magnetostatics, stationary electric conduction).

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