Gerber converter and editing tools

EMC Gems develops many tools for manipulating Printed Circuits Boards (PCBs): translators from and to Gerber RS-274X and DXF, STL as well as proprietary formats, high speed viewers, high resolution rasterizers (vector to bitmap). 

Our customers include end users, other software companies, PCB designers and semiconductor manufacturers. We offer a cloud based ecosystem of libraries for viewing, editing, net tracing, bitmap extractions, Boolean polygon creation, Finite Element mesh generation for computer simulation tools of PCBs. Besides what is already developed, we are open to requests to add features to our tools or to create entirely new tools.

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Turn your 1d paths and polygons into Gerber files

Export to Gerber

A cloud based and easy to use converter from a wire model to the Gerber PCB file format. Such a tool is strongly recommended for users that create PCBs traces of coils or other devices in Matlab® or with any proprietary tool and want to convert them to Gerber files for importing in other PCB editors like Altium Designer, Autodesk Eagle, KiCAD or Diptrace for production.

The conversion time is negligible. Apart the wire describing the PCB traces, it is also possible to convert polygons to Gerber.

Develop digital twins of PCBs more easily

Import from Gerber

A cloud based and easy to use converter from Gerber file to Finite Element mesh, Partial Element Equivalent Circuit PEEC-like structured grids, Gerber to Fasthenry or Fastcap input, from Gerber to STL, wire or any other proprietary format.

This tool is ideal for producing documentation data or for creating input for the virtual prototyping of PCBs. In this way it is possible to easily create digital twins models for PCBs with any electromagnetic or other simulation software.

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Gerber converters and editing tools

Need of importing or exporting to Gerber file format?

Our cloud based services to export to Gerber files and to import from Gerber files are very easy to use and they can be extended to novel features.

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